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  Bodybuilder, Katong Gym Singapore, fitness center, Muscle Gym, Hardcore Gym Singapore

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri
0900 - 2200hrs
Sat, Sun, PH
0900 - 2100hrs


Some equipment and accessories that are not found in other gyms, include Cable-Crossover, T-Bar Row, Biceps Blaster, Lateral Raise Machine, Standing Calf Raise Machine, etc.

List of gym equipment available:

Free Weights


Our list of Equipment

Machines Free Weights Cardio Accessories
Seated Bicep Curl Incline Bench Press Treadmill Sit-up bench
Low Pectoral Fly Flat Bench Press Stationary Bicycle 90 Degree Bench
Lateral Raise Squat Rack   45 Degree Twist / Back Training Bench
Leg Extension Dumbbells   Bicep Curl Bar
Standing Calf Barbells   Tricep Rope
Lat Pulldown w/Seated Row T-Bar Row   Triceps 'V' Bar
Prone Leg Curl   Triceps Bar
Assisted Chin/Dip    
Cable Cross-over      
Smith Machine      
Leg Press

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Buses that connect us:

East Coast Road
10, 12, 14, 32, 40

Marine Parade Road
15, 16, 31, 36, 76,
135, 196, 197, 401


131 East Coast Rd #04-01 Singapore 428816